Come and enrich yourself with our panel of power speakers such as national cyclist Calvin Sim and Triedge Coach Michael Lyons. There will be Qs and As after each session, so stay tuned!

Talk Schedule

1pm - 8pm, 10 November 2017, Friday 30mins - 1 hour each talk 1 talk every hour
1pm - 8pm, 11 November 2017, Saturday 30mins - 1 hour each talk 1 talk every hour
Calvin Sim

Calvin Sim

National Cyclist, SEAGames 2017 Cycling Gold Medalist

Topic: My Journey to SEA Games
Synopsis: Calvin will speak on his track team’s journey and struggles as they train towards Gold at the SEA Games 2017. He will also share a little on his childhood, how he started out as a kid and his future goals.
Time: 5pm, 11 November 2017, Saturday
Venue: Togoparts Bike Fest 2017, Stage Area

Calvin Sim is a national cyclist and Gold Medalist winner of track cycling at the SEA Games 2017 held at Kuala Lumpur in August this year. He came in with a total of 140 points in the men’s omnium at the National Velodrome in Nilai, KL, ending Singapore’s 20-year drought of gold medals since Bernard Wong won the last gold in 1997.

Michael Lyons

Michael Lyons

Coach and Co-Owner of Triedge Team, CEO Recovery Systems

Topic: Recovery Tips from Training and Competition
Synopsis: Michael will speak from his 53 years of experience on the tried and tested topic of how one should recover from bike training and competition, and the tricks one can use to speed up the process of healing.
Time: 4pm, 11 November 2017, Saturday
Venue: Togoparts Bike Fest 2017, Stage Area

Michael Lyons is also Tri NZ Level 2 Accreditation Triedge Coach. He is a Competitive Cyclist of 53 years for Velodrome, Road Racing, Time Trailist and Triathlete. Lyons has also served as the Race Commentator for cycling and Triathlon races. He brings with him 53 years’ wealth of information, speaking on Recovery Tips & Tricks for training and competition, gained from his 53 years of bike riding and his 6000 hours of athlete coaching including the use of active compression technology!

Tang Shufen

Ms. Tang Shufen

Principal Physiotherapist, Physio Kinetics

Topic: Common Cyclist Injuries and How to Remedy Them
Synopsis: Tang Shufen, Principal Physiotherapist of Physio Kinetics speaks about intertwining the art of Physiotherapy and massage with the ever-pervasive topic of cyclist injuries. If you have existing knee pains, hip problems, and injuries related to cycling, don't miss this talk that could benefit you!
Time: 5:30pm, 10 November 2017, Friday
Venue: Togoparts Bike Fest 2017, Stage Area

Sports Massage Therapists - “Sports massage therapy helps athletes of every kind, from weekend warriors to elite athletes. We have a team of experienced sports massage therapists who can help to alleviate areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive movements.” – Ms Tang Shufen.

Shufen completed her Bachelor of Health Science Physiotherapy) and Master of Health Science (Gerontology) from the University of Sydney. Prior to joining Physio Kinetics, Shufen worked as a Senior Physiotherapist at the National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS) from 1999 -2017. Having worked in a national heart specialty centre for close to 18 years, Shufen was privileged to have worked alongside vastly experienced healthcare workers. She is well-versed in Cardiac Rehabilitation, post Heart and Lung Transplantation Outpatient Rehabilitation, and post Mechanical Circulatory Support implantation rehabilitation. Shufen hopes that by sharing her knowledge and expertise on a subject matter that she is passionate about, she can help her patients achieve a better quality of life through exercise and a personally tailored rehabilitation.

Steven Lim

Mr Steven Lim

President of Safe Cycling Task Force

VP - Safety & Education of Singapore Cycling Federation

Topic: How to Really Cycle Safely on Singapore Roads
Synopsis: Steven will touch on “self checks, bike checks. Traffic rules, hand signals and etiquette” - basic aspects you need to know when cycling on the roads in our sunny island, Singapore.
Time: 1:30pm, 11 November 2017, Saturday
Venue: Togoparts Bike Fest 2017, Stage Area

Steven Lim, an avid cyclist and cycling safety advocate has been volunteering with the Safe Cycling Task Force since 2006 and is currently the President of SCTF, VP - Safety & Education of Singapore Cycling Federation. He is also a Road Safety Champion (an initiative of the Traffic Police and Singapore Road Safety Council), a member of the Active Mobility Unit Advisory Panel of LTA, member of the Friends of PCN committee with Nparks due to his involvement in the cycling community and works on cycling safety. Being a full time trader in the car industry has given him a better understanding and perspectives of car owners and drivers which add values to his works in promoting cycling and safety aspects of it.

Peter Tan

Peter Tan

CEO of Parkitect Asia Pte Ltd

Topic: Studies on Wheeled Sports Facilities Within Communities – Modular Pumptracks
Synopsis: Modular Pumptracks present a safe arena to try out your skateboarding, cycling, and skating skills on. They are also a great way of bonding between parents and child as their young charge unleashes his “surfing” prowess before their eyes. Dr. Tan will speak thus on the development of modular pumptracks in Singapore.
Time: 2pm, 11 November 2017, Saturday
Venue: Togoparts Bike Fest 2017, Stage Area

Dr Tan has over 25 years of experience in technology, private equity and business, having worked in multinational listed companies, the civil service, as well as in entrepreneurial companies. He was Chief Operating Officer at Teledata, a main board listed telecommunications company, and Director at EDB Investments. Dr Tan is currently CEO of Parkitect Asia Pte Ltd, a company specializing in modular pumptracks. He holds a 1 st Class BSc (Hons) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Loughborough University of Technology, UK, and a PhD in Telecommunications Engineering from Imperial College, University of London, UK.

Wilson Low

Wilson Low

Cyclist and Founder of Raw Epics

Topic: Mountain Biking Skills Hacks - Tips & Drills Live Demo
Synopsis: Mountain biking is an art unto itself. Wilson Low, founder of RAW Epics and a veteran MTBiker and coach, will share his experiences, skills and goodies for the novice ear.
Time: 7pm, 10 November 2017, Friday
Venue: Togoparts Bike Fest 2017, Stage Area

Not your usual cyclist, Wilson holds a number of certifications as Biking Coach and currently runs RAW Epics, an online Singapore site dedicated to mountain biking. Wilson started mountain biking in his school days as a means of accessing better fishing spots. He got into the sport more seriously during full-time National Service and during his tertiary studies. Since graduating from university, he has pursued skills instructing & coaching in adventure racing, triathlon, and mountain biking. He has also participated in adventure racing, local sprint events, regional/international 24-hour & multi-stage adventure races, and off-road triathlon.

Jason Liew

Jason Liew

Owner, Willow Bike Art Cafe

Topic: How the Advancement of Carbon Frames Enhances the Effectiveness of Cyclists' Rides
Synopsis: Nukeproof and Sam Hill are two closely-intertwined names in the field of MTB Downhill/Enduro. Then, bike frames have attained much sophistication over the years - and Jason is here to attest to that.
Time: 7pm, 11 November 2017, Saturday
Venue: Togoparts Bike Fest 2017, Stage Area

Jason Liew worked in the in the manufacturing industry that deals with precision machining for over 15 years. He is a self-confessed addict of new mechanical concept and designs – always feeling the urge to check them out as they are conceived in the industry. A few years back, Jason picked up biking to keep fit and explore places at the same time. Soon he developed passion in the mechanical aspect of bikes. Driven by this urge, he left his full-time job to do what he loved by setting up a neighborhood bike shop in Ang Mo Kio doing some servicing and selling some bikes. Thus Willow Bike Art Café was born, a stylish concept combining a bike shop and art-themed café into one. Willow Bike Art Café is the carrier of two state-of the-art custom-built bikes from UK: Ragley and Nukeproof.

Zhang Zhiguang

Zhang Zhiguang

Co-founder of TireCare Singapore Pte Ltd

Topic: How to create safer rides by mitigating the risk of downtime due to a puncture
Synopsis: Punctures are always the much-hated guest to meet on a long ride. How to effectively cure and curb them will be Zhiguang’s table topic - through the solutions offered by TireCare.
Time: 7:30pm, 11 Nov 2017, Saturday
Venue: Togoparts Bike Fest 2017, Stage Area

Zhiguang is an avid automotive enthusiast who also recently added a Mountain Bike to his plate. The co-founder of TireCare strongly believes in putting customers at the heart of his business. He aims to create a safer road for all road users through the use of innovative technology.

Zoe Lim Hyelim

Ms. Zoe Lim Hyelim

Passionate Cyclist Speaker, Etiqa Insurance

Topic: Learning to Ride the Safe Way
Synopsis: An avid cyclist herself, Zoe will speak on aspects of safety rules, bike fits and riding techniques, maintenance checks on your bike, and how Etiqa, her preferred insurance, insures you against injuries incurred from traveling around.
Time: 1pm, 11 November 2017, Saturday
Venue: Togoparts Bike Fest 2017, Stage Area

Zoe is a graduate from Kyungpook National University in Korea. She found herself a career opportunity in Singapore, and a community where she could fit in easily to follow her passion for cycling. As a Data Analyst, Zoe forages through massive volume of data, realizing patterns and solutions. Keeping herself focused and energized throughout long working hours is critical. Regular exercise becomes her remedies. Since young, Zoe leads an active and healthy lifestyle incorporating jogging and cycling in her weekly routine. She always encourages her parents and friends to cycle as it is highly beneficial to both their mental and physical states. Cycling also reduces stress hormones, and this results in deep and regenerative sleep. As an amateur cyclist, she believes that one can pick up cycling as an easy and economical way of getting fit, not expensive bikes or outfits. The greatest satisfaction and joy to her is riding out safely on the roads, and that’s all it matters.